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My art…I trained in theatre design at Wimbledon College of Art, and it was here that I first started drawing and painting. I had always loved theatre and my first job after college was as a Student Stage Manager, at the Royal Court Theatre in London, doubling as assistant to the Designer. Whilst living in a village in Bedfordshire, I reconnected with my love of painting and fairly quickly it took precedence over my music. I was selling and exhibiting my art locally, and I was a resident artist at the Eagle Gallery in Bedford for ten years.


During October 2021, I had a very successful exhibition at Finsbury Business Centre, London. And I have shown my work in several private exhibitions. I like to paint spontaneously, to create my image as fast as I can because I believe that it somehow captures something of a world that is constantly moving and breathing


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My music…During my late teenage years, I joined my cousins rock band. I started writing songs, sometimes together with my cousin, but mostly on my own. I had also been blessed with a decent vocal range and consequently became the lead vocalist. We did a few gigs before going into a demo recording studio in London. I took the resulting tape and called Island Records. My songs attracted attention from the Head of Recording; and I was offered a contract with Island Records, but not for long. Six months later we signed with EMI and my first album ‘Boo’ was released in 1973. We had some fantastic reviews”… that is was slightly of the wall, totally original, and not just another folk singer trying to imitate Joni Michell”…

Despite continuously writing songs, it was twenty years before I recorded another album.. it was the eighties and I was at home with my two children; my song writing also included a couple of plays, and songs composed for children’s TV (Channel 4, Chips Comic). I then finished recording my second album ‘The One That Got Away’. This was a kick-start for me, to perform a few gigs and I then recorded my third album ‘Where I’m Coming From’ in 2000.

I continued to perform at a few London venues, and at my local theatre in Bedford. It was during this time that I wrote and performed songs for the theatre, including a number of Shakespearean productions.

Currently, I’m working with my Music Director, Chrisitan Marsac, on new material. Additionally, my 1970’s album ‘Boo’ is due to be re-released on vinyl in autumn 2023. I recorded ‘Love and The Older Woman’, 2015, an album that contains the song, ‘All These Days’, which was incorporated into, and became the title of a documentary film…

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Juliet Lawson

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